Why Does My Jogging Stroller Shake

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a shaking jogging stroller? As a passionate runner and parent, I understand the importance of a smooth and comfortable ride for both you and your little one. Let’s dive into the reasons behind why jogging strollers may shake and how we can address this issue.

Wheel Alignment

One common reason for a shaking jogging stroller is misaligned wheels. Just like the wheels of a car, stroller wheels can become misaligned over time, especially with regular use on various terrains. Misaligned wheels can cause uneven pressure and lead to a shaky ride.

Tire Pressure

Another factor to consider is the tire pressure. Low tire pressure can result in an unsteady and bumpy ride. It’s essential to check the tire pressure regularly and ensure that it matches the recommended psi (pounds per square inch) for your stroller model.

Front Wheel Lock

If your jogging stroller has a front wheel that swivels and locks, the shaking may be due to the wheel not being securely locked. Improperly locked front wheels can lead to instability and shaking during your run.

Worn-Out Parts

Over time, the components of your jogging stroller, such as bearings and suspension systems, can wear out. This wear and tear can result in a shaky and less smooth ride. Regular maintenance and part replacements when necessary can help alleviate this issue.

My Personal Experience

As a parent who enjoys running with my child in the jogging stroller, I have encountered the frustration of dealing with a shaky ride. After investigating, I found that regular maintenance, including wheel alignment and tire pressure checks, significantly improved the stroller’s stability and overall performance.


Addressing the issue of a shaking jogging stroller requires attention to detail and regular maintenance. By ensuring proper wheel alignment, maintaining the correct tire pressure, securely locking the front wheel, and replacing worn-out parts, you can enjoy a smooth and stable ride with your little one. Remember, a well-maintained jogging stroller not only provides comfort for your child but also enhances your running experience. Happy running!