When Did Facebook Start Running Ads

Facebook started running ads in 2007 after facing pressure to monetize its platform. At the time, I remember feeling a mix of curiosity and skepticism about this new development. It seemed like a bold move for a social networking site that had been ad-free at its inception. However, looking back, it’s clear that this decision was crucial for Facebook’s growth and for the way we interact with advertisements online.

The Early Days of Facebook Ads

When Facebook first introduced ads, they were relatively simple and unobtrusive. They appeared as small display ads on the right-hand side of the platform, targeting users based on their profile information and activity. As a user, I found these ads to be more personalized and relevant compared to other online advertising at the time.

Evolution of Facebook Ads

Over the years, I witnessed significant changes in Facebook ads. The platform evolved to offer a variety of ad formats, including sponsored posts, carousel ads, and video ads. This evolution made advertising on Facebook more engaging and effective for businesses. I also noticed how the targeting capabilities improved, allowing advertisers to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Impact on Users

As a user, I couldn’t help but notice the impact of Facebook ads on my own experience. While some ads were indeed relevant to my interests, others felt intrusive and disruptive. The increased presence of ads in my news feed sometimes tested my patience, but I also discovered new products and services that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Controversies and Changes

Of course, Facebook’s ad platform has not been without its controversies. The platform faced scrutiny for issues related to ad targeting, data privacy, and the spread of misinformation through ads. These challenges prompted Facebook to implement stricter ad policies and transparency measures, aiming to provide a safer and more trustworthy advertising environment.


Looking back, the introduction of ads on Facebook marked a significant shift in the digital advertising landscape. It’s fascinating to see how this platform, which once solely focused on connecting people, became a powerhouse for online marketing. Despite the challenges and criticisms, I believe Facebook ads have reshaped the way businesses promote their products and how users discover new things. It’s a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the online world and the constant balance between advertising and user experience.