Do Running Backs Get Points For Receptions

As an avid fan and player of fantasy football, I’ve often wondered about the scoring rules for running backs and their reception points. It’s crucial to understand how this aspect can impact a player’s performance and ultimately influence fantasy football outcomes.

Understanding Running Backs and Receptions

When it comes to fantasy football, running backs are valuable assets due to their combined rushing and receiving abilities. In most standard scoring leagues, running backs do receive points for receptions. This means that when a running back catches a pass from the quarterback, they earn points for the yards gained through the reception, just like a wide receiver or tight end would.

Reception Points in Fantasy Football

In point-per-reception (PPR) leagues, running backs can accrue even more points for receptions. In these leagues, running backs are awarded a point for each reception they make in addition to the receiving yards they gain. This scoring system reflects the importance of running backs who are versatile and contribute to their teams’ passing game.

The Impact on Fantasy Strategy

Understanding how running backs earn points for receptions can significantly influence fantasy football drafting and gameplay strategies. Running backs with strong receiving skills become even more valuable in PPR leagues, as their ability to accumulate points through receptions adds an extra dimension to their fantasy production.

Adapting to Different League Formats

It’s important for fantasy football players to be aware of their league’s scoring rules, particularly regarding running backs and reception points. Whether it’s a standard scoring league or a PPR format, knowing how running backs are rewarded for their receptions can guide draft decisions, lineup selections, and overall team management.


Ultimately, the inclusion of reception points for running backs adds depth and excitement to the world of fantasy football. It highlights the multifaceted skills of these players and creates new opportunities for strategic gameplay. By understanding the nuances of scoring for running backs and receptions, fantasy football enthusiasts can enhance their overall experience and competitiveness in the game.