Will Running First Aid Delete Files

As a runner and technology enthusiast, I’ve often wondered about the potential risks of running first aid on my computer. Will running first aid delete files or cause any harm to my precious data? Let’s dive into this topic and explore the impact of running first aid on our digital files.

Understanding First Aid

First aid, also known as disk utility on some operating systems, is a built-in tool that helps to verify and repair disk errors. When a computer crashes or experiences sudden power loss, it can lead to disk errors or corrupted files. This is where first aid comes into play, aiming to fix these issues and ensure the integrity of the data stored on the disk.

The Potential Risks

While first aid is designed to repair disk errors, there is a common misconception that running it can cause files to be deleted. The reality is that first aid is intended to preserve and protect your files, not delete them. However, as with any maintenance tool, there is always a small inherent risk of data loss, especially if the disk is severely corrupted.

Precautionary Measures

Before running first aid, it’s essential to back up your important files. This simple step provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring that even if something were to go wrong during the first aid process, your files are safely backed up and can be restored. Additionally, performing regular backups is a good practice for any computer user, especially for those with a passion for running and an appreciation for their digital content.

Expert Advice

If you’re unsure about running first aid on your computer, seeking advice from a technical expert can provide reassurance and guidance. Many online forums and communities offer valuable insights and step-by-step instructions for running first aid without putting your data at risk.

My Experience

As a frequent runner and technology user, I’ve run first aid on my computer multiple times to address disk errors and ensure the health of my digital storage. I’ve always made it a point to back up my important files before initiating the first aid process, giving me peace of mind and confidence in the maintenance task. In my experience, running first aid has never resulted in the deletion of any files, and it has consistently improved the overall performance and reliability of my computer.


In conclusion, the fear of running first aid causing file deletion is often unfounded. When approached with caution and backed up by a solid data backup strategy, first aid can be a valuable tool for maintaining the health of your digital storage. Whether you’re a runner or simply someone who values their digital files, understanding the role of first aid and taking precautionary measures can help alleviate any concerns and keep your data safe.