Will Dishwasher Drain When Not Running

As an avid runner, I understand the importance of maintaining an efficient training routine. Just like a well-oiled machine, our bodies require proper care to perform at their best. In a similar way, our dishwashers need to be in good working order to ensure they clean and drain properly. Today, I’ll delve into the interesting question: will a dishwasher drain when it’s not running?

Understanding How Dishwashers Drain

Before we can answer the burning question, it’s important to understand how dishwashers drain. Typically, dishwashers are equipped with a drain pump that expels water from the dishwasher during the draining process. When the dishwasher completes its cycle, the drain pump activates to remove the dirty water from the dishwasher’s interior and expels it through the drain hose.

Will It Drain When Not Running?

Many dishwashers are designed to have a separate drain cycle that can operate independently of the wash cycles. This means that even when the main wash cycles are not running, the dishwasher can still drain any residual water left in the bottom of the unit. This feature is particularly useful for removing excess water after a manual clean-up or when the dishwasher has been idle for some time.

Potential Issues

However, there are instances where a dishwasher may not drain when it’s not running. This could be indicative of a malfunctioning drain pump, clogged drain hose, or issues with the dishwasher’s control panel. If you find that your dishwasher is not draining when it’s not running, it’s advisable to check for any blockages in the drain hose and ensure that the drain pump is functioning correctly. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance to diagnose and resolve the issue.


In conclusion, dishwashers are designed to have the capability to drain even when they are not running. However, if you encounter a situation where your dishwasher is not draining when it’s not running, it’s essential to investigate the possible causes and take the necessary steps to address the issue. Just like maintaining a consistent training regimen is crucial for athletes, ensuring that our appliances are in good working condition is key to their longevity and performance.