Will Carmax Buy A Non Running Car

As a passionate car enthusiast and someone who has dealt with selling non-running cars in the past, I understand the challenges that come with finding a buyer for a vehicle that is not operational. One of the most frequently asked questions in this situation is, “Will CarMax buy a non-running car?” In this article, I will delve into the specifics of CarMax’s policies and procedures when it comes to purchasing non-running vehicles.

Understanding CarMax’s Policy

CarMax is known for its straightforward and hassle-free approach to buying and selling cars. When it comes to non-running cars, CarMax may still be willing to make an offer, but there are certain conditions that need to be met.

Evaluating the Vehicle

Before making any commitments, CarMax will need to assess the condition of the non-running car. This evaluation will include a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the damage or mechanical issues that have caused the car to stop running.

Documentation and Title

CarMax will require all necessary documentation and a clean title for the non-running car. It’s essential to have all paperwork in order to facilitate the sale of the vehicle, even if it is not operational.

The Selling Process

Should CarMax decide to make an offer on the non-running car, the selling process will proceed similarly to that of a functioning vehicle. However, the offer extended will likely reflect the condition of the car and the estimated cost to repair it to a drivable state.

Trade-In or Direct Sale

At CarMax, sellers have the option to either trade in their non-running car for another vehicle in the CarMax inventory or to sell it directly to CarMax. The choice will depend on the seller’s preferences and the terms offered by CarMax.

My Experience

Having sold a non-running car to CarMax in the past, I can attest to the professionalism and fairness of their evaluation process. While the offer may not match the value of a fully operational car, it provided a convenient and efficient solution for selling a vehicle that I was no longer able to use.


In conclusion, CarMax is willing to consider buying non-running cars, provided that certain criteria are met, and the vehicle is evaluated accordingly. It’s important for sellers to be realistic about the value of a non-operational car and to understand that the offer made by CarMax will reflect the condition of the vehicle. Ultimately, CarMax can offer a convenient option for those looking to sell a non-running car without the hassle of private sales or negotiations.