Should I Wear A Jockstrap Running

When it comes to running, comfort and support are essential for an enjoyable and injury-free experience. One of the most debated topics in the running community is whether or not to wear a jockstrap while running. As a seasoned runner, I’ve had my fair share of experience with different types of gear, so let’s dive deeper into the question: Should I wear a jockstrap while running?

What is a Jockstrap?

A jockstrap, often referred to as a “jock,” is a piece of athletic underwear designed to provide support to the male genitalia during physical activity. It typically consists of an elastic waistband and a support pouch for the genitals, with straps that extend from the pouch to the waistband.

Benefits of Wearing a Jockstrap

For some male runners, wearing a jockstrap can provide a sense of security and support, especially during high-impact activities like running. The snug fit and extra layer of support can help reduce the risk of chafing and provide a feeling of comfort and stability.

Considerations for Wearing a Jockstrap

While some runners swear by the benefits of wearing a jockstrap, others find it unnecessary or uncomfortable. It’s important to note that not all runners may require the level of support provided by a jockstrap, especially if they already feel comfortable and supported in their regular running gear.

Potential Drawbacks

One potential drawback of wearing a jockstrap while running is the possibility of increased heat and moisture in the genital area, which could lead to discomfort or chafing. Additionally, some runners may find the straps of the jockstrap to be restrictive or irritating during their stride.

Alternative Options

For those who feel that a jockstrap is unnecessary or uncomfortable, there are alternative options to consider. Compression shorts or briefs with built-in support are popular choices among runners, providing a blend of support and moisture-wicking properties without the need for additional straps.

Personal Experience and Recommendations

After experimenting with various types of athletic underwear, including jockstraps and compression shorts, I’ve found that personal preference plays a significant role in the decision to wear a jockstrap while running. While some may find it beneficial for added support, others may find it unnecessary or uncomfortable.

I have personally opted for compression shorts with built-in support during my runs, as they provide the right balance of comfort, support, and breathability for my individual needs. However, I acknowledge that what works for me may not work for everyone.


Ultimately, the decision to wear a jockstrap while running is a personal one that depends on individual comfort, support needs, and running preferences. It’s important to explore and experiment with different options to find what works best for you. Whether it’s a jockstrap, compression shorts, or other athletic underwear, prioritize your comfort and support to make the most of your running experience.