Why Do My Running Shorts Ride Up

Have you ever experienced the frustration of running with shorts that constantly ride up? Trust me, I understand your pain. As a fellow runner, I have encountered this issue on numerous occasions, and it can really hinder the enjoyment of a good run. But fear not! In this article, I will delve deep into the reasons behind this annoying phenomenon and provide some helpful tips to prevent it from happening.

1. Fabric Choice

One of the main culprits behind shorts riding up during a run is the fabric choice. Opting for shorts made from a material that lacks sufficient stretch or has a slippery texture can increase the likelihood of ride-up. It is essential to choose running shorts made from a high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric that provides both comfort and flexibility.

Personally, I have found that shorts made from a blend of polyester and spandex or nylon and elastane offer excellent stretch and durability. These materials allow for a greater range of motion and minimize friction, reducing the chances of ride-up during your runs.

2. Incorrect Sizing

Believe it or not, wearing the wrong size of running shorts can also contribute to the ride-up problem. If your shorts are too small or fit too tightly around the thighs, they are more likely to ride up as you move. On the other hand, if they are too loose or baggy, they might not provide enough support to stay in place.

I always recommend taking the time to measure yourself accurately and referring to the size chart provided by the manufacturer before purchasing running shorts. It is crucial to find the right balance between a snug fit and freedom of movement. Remember, each brand may have slightly different sizing guidelines, so don’t be afraid to try on different sizes or styles to find what suits you best.

3. Waistband Design

The design of the waistband plays a significant role in preventing shorts from riding up. Look for shorts with a wide and elasticized waistband that sits comfortably on your hips. This type of waistband provides a secure fit and helps to keep the shorts in place during your runs.

I have found that shorts with a drawstring closure at the waistband can also be beneficial. The drawstring allows you to adjust the tightness to your preference, providing an extra level of security against ride-up.

4. Inadequate Support

Another factor that can contribute to shorts riding up is a lack of proper support. If your shorts have a built-in liner or brief, make sure it fits well and provides sufficient coverage. This liner helps to keep the shorts in place and prevents them from shifting during your run.

However, if you prefer to wear separate running briefs or compression shorts underneath your regular running shorts, ensure that they are snug and offer adequate support. These undergarments can help to minimize friction and reduce the chances of ride-up.


Dealing with running shorts that ride up can be a real annoyance, but by understanding the reasons behind it and implementing some simple solutions, you can overcome this issue and enjoy your runs to the fullest. Remember to choose shorts made from the right fabric, ensure the correct sizing, opt for a waistband design that provides a secure fit, and consider adding extra support with a built-in liner or separate undergarments.

So, next time you head out for a run, don’t let the fear of shorts riding up hold you back. You now have the knowledge and tools to conquer this problem and focus on what truly matters – enjoying the run!