When Does Running Get Easier Reddit

As a long-time runner, I often find myself pondering the question: when does running get easier? I’ve heard many different perspectives on this topic, so I decided to turn to Reddit to see what other runners had to say.

Insights from Reddit

I found a thread on Reddit where runners were discussing their experiences with the difficulty of running. One user shared that for them, running started to get easier after consistently sticking to a running routine for about 3 months. Another user mentioned that it wasn’t until they focused on their breathing and pacing that they started to feel a sense of ease while running.

Building Endurance

Many Redditors emphasized the importance of building endurance through gradual progression. One comment stood out to me – a user suggested that running becomes easier when you learn to embrace the discomfort and push through it. They mentioned that once they accepted that running would always be challenging to some extent, their mindset shifted and they started to see improvements in their performance.

Consistency and Patience

Consistency and patience were recurring themes throughout the discussions. Several Reddit users shared that it took time for them to notice a significant change in the difficulty of running. They stressed the significance of not getting discouraged early on and staying committed to the process.

Personal Experience

Reflecting on my own journey, I can relate to many of the sentiments expressed on Reddit. I remember feeling frustrated in the early stages of my running endeavors, wondering if it would ever become easier. It wasn’t until I dedicated myself to a structured training plan and made a conscious effort to listen to my body that I began to notice a shift.

For me, running started to feel more manageable once I found a supportive community of fellow runners and learned to celebrate small victories along the way. It wasn’t just about physical capability, but also about the mental resilience that developed over time.


Ultimately, the consensus from Reddit and my own experience is clear – running gets easier with perseverance, consistency, and a positive mindset. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as every individual’s journey with running is unique. Embracing the process and staying committed to improvement is key, and in due time, the rewards of easier, more enjoyable runs will follow.