When Did The Vice President Start Running With The President

When did the vice president start running with the president? As a running enthusiast and sports writer, I’ve delved into this intriguing topic to provide some insights.

History of Vice Presidents Joining the President on Runs

In recent decades, it has become customary for the vice president to join the president on their daily runs or exercise routines. This tradition of the vice president running with the president has evolved over time, reflecting the increasing focus on fitness and healthy living in the highest office of the United States.

Notable Instances

One notable example of the vice president joining the president on runs is when Vice President Joe Biden regularly ran alongside President Barack Obama. Their shared passion for running not only promoted a healthy lifestyle but also symbolized a strong partnership between the two leaders.

The Shift in Running Culture

The choice to run together aligns with the broader trend of promoting physical activity and setting a positive example for the nation. It sends a powerful message about the importance of prioritizing health and fitness, which is especially significant coming from the nation’s leaders.

Benefits of Running Together

Running together can also serve as a valuable bonding experience for the president and vice president. It provides an opportunity for candid conversations, collaboration, and the development of a deeper mutual understanding, which can translate into more effective governance and decision-making.

Impact on Public Perception

Moreover, the image of the president and vice president running side by side sends a strong message to the public. It portrays them as relatable and down-to-earth individuals who prioritize their well-being, just like many Americans who incorporate exercise into their daily routines.


So, when did the vice president start running with the president? The practice has various historical and cultural underpinnings, and it continues to serve as a symbol of unity, health, and leadership. As we look to the future, the tradition of the vice president running with the president is likely to remain a meaningful and impactful aspect of the highest office in the nation.