How To Running Start A Car

Running start a car can be a useful skill to have, especially in situations where the battery is dead or the starter motor is malfunctioning. I’ve personally found this technique to be a lifesaver during times of unexpected car trouble. Here’s a detailed guide on how to safely and effectively running start a car.


Before attempting a running start, it’s important to ensure that the area around the car is clear of any obstacles. Make sure the car’s ignition is in the “on” position and the gearshift is in neutral. I always double-check the parking brake to ensure it’s engaged as well. Safety should always be the top priority.

Find a Pushing Partner

Attempting to running start a car on your own can be extremely challenging. It’s best to find a willing and capable partner to help push the car. I’ve found that having good communication with the pushing partner is essential to ensure a smooth start.

Build Momentum

Once the pushing partner is ready, place your foot on the clutch, release the parking brake, and put the car in gear. As the car begins to move, release the clutch gradually. The key is to build momentum and let the car’s motion turn the engine.

Engage the Engine

As the car gains some speed, this is the critical moment to engage the ignition. I usually wait until the car reaches a moderate speed before engaging the ignition to prevent damage to the starter motor. If the engine starts, great! If not, simply repeat the process.

Post-Start Steps

After successfully running starting the car, it’s important to keep it running for a while to recharge the battery. I always make sure to get the battery and starter motor checked as soon as possible to prevent any recurring issues.


Running start a car can be a handy skill to have in emergencies, but it should only be used when absolutely necessary. Always prioritize safety and seek professional help if the car’s starting issues persist. With these steps and some practice, running starting a car can become a reliable solution in unexpected situations. Stay safe on the roads!