How To Get Daytime Running Lights To Turn On

Getting your daytime running lights to turn on is crucial for ensuring your visibility on the road, especially during the day. As a runner, I understand the importance of being visible to others, and the same applies to vehicles. Here, I’ll guide you through the steps to activate your daytime running lights, ensuring you stay safe and visible while driving.

Check the Vehicle Manual

The first step in enabling your daytime running lights is to refer to your vehicle’s manual. This is essential since different car models may have varying methods to activate the daytime running lights. The manual should provide specific instructions tailored to your vehicle’s make and model.

Locate the Light Controls

Once you’ve consulted the manual, the next step is to locate the light controls in your car. In most vehicles, the light controls are situated either on the dashboard or on the steering column. Look for a dial or button that pertains to the daytime running lights.

Turn on the Ignition

Before you proceed, ensure that the car’s ignition is turned on so that you have access to the light controls. Without the ignition on, you might not be able to activate the daytime running lights.

Activate the Daytime Running Lights

Depending on your vehicle, the process to switch on the daytime running lights may vary. Some cars have an automatic setting, where the lights turn on when the engine is started. For others, there may be a specific control that needs to be engaged to activate these lights. This may involve pushing a button or turning a dial to the designated position.

Check for Daytime Running Light Indicator

Once you’ve attempted to activate the daytime running lights, be sure to check for an indicator on the dashboard. Many vehicles have a light that illuminates when the daytime running lights are successfully turned on. This serves as a visual confirmation that your lights are active.

Test the Lights

After activating the daytime running lights, it’s important to step outside the vehicle and conduct a quick test. Walk around the car and ensure that all the lights are functioning as they should. It’s better to be proactive and check for any potential issues rather than discovering a problem while driving.


Ensuring that your daytime running lights are functioning is a simple yet crucial aspect of vehicle safety. By referring to your manual, locating the light controls, and performing a quick test, you can guarantee that you’re visible to other drivers at all times, enhancing safety on the road.