How To Get A No Running Profile In The Army

As a military personnel, maintaining physical fitness is a crucial aspect of our duty. However, there are circumstances where individuals may require a “no running” profile due to medical conditions, such as injuries or chronic illness. I’ve compiled some insights and guidelines on how to obtain a no running profile in the army.

Understanding the Process

The first step in obtaining a no running profile is to speak with your unit’s medical personnel. They will assess your condition and provide guidance on the necessary steps to take. It’s essential to be honest and transparent about your medical history and any physical limitations you may have.

Medical Evaluation

Following the initial discussion, a comprehensive medical evaluation will be conducted to determine the extent of your condition. This evaluation may include physical examinations, diagnostic tests, and consultations with specialist physicians.


It’s imperative to keep thorough documentation of your medical history and any treatment you have received for your condition. This documentation will be critical in supporting your request for a no running profile.

Communicating with Command

Once the medical evaluation is complete, it’s essential to communicate with your commanding officer and the unit’s leadership about your situation. This open dialogue will ensure that your superiors are aware of your medical status and can make necessary accommodations.

Request Submission

Upon the advice of the medical personnel, submit a formal request for a no running profile through the appropriate channels within your unit. This request should be accompanied by the supporting medical documentation and recommendations from the medical team.

Be Prepared

It’s important to be prepared for the possibility of additional medical reviews and discussions with the unit’s leadership. Patience and understanding during this process are crucial, as the decision-making timeline may vary.

Maintaining Fitness

While on a no running profile, it’s important to remain proactive in maintaining overall physical fitness through approved alternative exercises. Adhering to the prescribed rehabilitation and training plan provided by the medical team is crucial for a smooth transition.

Open Communication

Regularly communicate with the medical team to track your progress and discuss any adjustments to your fitness regimen. Their guidance will ensure that you stay on the right path towards recovery and eventual return to full physical duties.


Obtaining a no running profile in the army requires a thorough and transparent process that prioritizes both the individual’s medical well-being and the operational needs of the unit. By following the prescribed steps and maintaining open communication with the medical and command teams, individuals can navigate this process effectively while ensuring their long-term health and fitness.