Can You Put An Infant In A Jogging Stroller

As a seasoned runner and parent, I understand the importance of finding a balance between fitness and family life. One common question many parents have is whether it’s safe to put an infant in a jogging stroller. Let’s delve into this topic and explore the dos and don’ts of using a jogging stroller with an infant.

Understanding Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are designed to provide a smooth and stable ride for running or jogging at a faster pace. They typically feature larger, air-filled tires, a sturdy frame, and suspension systems to absorb shocks from uneven terrains. The design of jogging strollers aims to offer a comfortable experience for both the runner and the child.

Safety Guidelines

It’s crucial to follow safety guidelines when considering using a jogging stroller with an infant. Most manufacturers recommend waiting until the infant is at least six to eight months old before using a jogging stroller. This is because infants need proper neck and head control to handle the motion and potential bumps of running.

Additionally, always ensure that the jogging stroller has a reclining seat that can provide proper support for the infant’s neck and spine. The stroller should also have a five-point harness to secure the baby in place during the run. It’s important to remember that jogging with an infant in a stroller is not the same as walking – the higher speeds and impact from running require extra precautions and considerations.

Consulting a Pediatrician

Before hitting the pavement with your infant in a jogging stroller, it’s advisable to consult with a pediatrician. Every child develops at their own pace, and a pediatrician can provide personalized recommendations based on your baby’s specific needs and development.

My Experience

When my child was old enough to join me on runs, I made sure to invest in a jogging stroller that met the safety standards and provided adequate support for her. It was important for me to stay physically active while ensuring her comfort and safety. Prior to each run, I always checked the stroller’s safety features and made sure my daughter was securely fastened in the harness.


Ultimately, using a jogging stroller with an infant is possible, but it requires careful consideration of safety guidelines and the individual needs of the child. As with any exercise routine involving a baby, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and consult with healthcare professionals. With the right precautions and equipment, combining runs with stroller time can be a wonderful way to bond with your infant while maintaining an active lifestyle.