Why Is Interval Running Good

Interval running is an incredibly effective and beneficial form of exercise that I highly recommend incorporating into your fitness routine. As a runner myself, I have personally experienced the many advantages that interval running offers. In this article, I will delve into the reasons why interval running is so good for your overall fitness and why I believe it is worth giving a try.

The Basics of Interval Running

Interval running is a training technique that involves alternating between high-intensity bursts of running and periods of active recovery or rest. These high-intensity intervals push your body to work harder, and the recovery periods allow you to catch your breath and lower your heart rate before the next burst.

One of the reasons why interval running is so effective is that it challenges your cardiovascular system in a way that steady-state running cannot. By continuously switching between high-intensity and lower-intensity periods, you are able to push your limits and improve your overall endurance.

Burn More Calories in Less Time

If you are looking to maximize your workout efficiency, interval running is a great choice. The high-intensity intervals during interval running create an afterburn effect, also known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This means that your body continues to burn calories at an elevated rate even after your workout has ended.

Additionally, interval running is a time-efficient workout. Instead of spending hours on steady-state cardio, you can achieve the same, if not better, results in a shorter amount of time. By increasing the intensity of your workout, you can burn more calories in a shorter duration.

Improve Speed and Performance

Interval running is not only beneficial for overall fitness but also for improving your running speed and performance. The high-intensity intervals help to increase your anaerobic threshold, which is the point at which your body begins to rely more on anaerobic metabolism. This, in turn, can lead to faster race times and improved performance in various running events.

Furthermore, interval running helps to improve your running economy by enhancing your body’s ability to utilize oxygen efficiently. This leads to improved endurance and the ability to maintain a faster pace for a longer period of time.

Variety and Mental Stimulation

One of the things I love most about interval running is the variety it brings to my workouts. By constantly changing the intensity and pace, I find that interval running keeps me mentally engaged and motivated. The intervals add a fun and challenging aspect to my runs, preventing boredom and monotony.

Moreover, interval running allows for endless possibilities when it comes to structuring your workout. You can mix and match different intervals, varying the distance, duration, and intensity to tailor your workout to your specific goals and fitness level. This flexibility keeps your workouts exciting and adaptable.


Incorporating interval running into your fitness routine can have a significant impact on your overall fitness and running performance. With the ability to burn more calories, improve speed and endurance, and add variety to your workouts, it is clear why interval running is highly regarded in the running community.

So why not give it a try? Lace up your running shoes, find a safe and suitable location, and start incorporating intervals into your runs. Remember to start gradually and listen to your body to avoid injury. With consistency and dedication, you will reap the numerous benefits that interval running has to offer.