Why Does My Stomach Hurt When Jogging

When I first started jogging, I was excited to get fit and enjoy the great outdoors. However, I noticed that my stomach often hurt while I was running. I wondered why this was happening and if there was anything I could do to prevent it. After doing some research and speaking with experts, I’ve learned some valuable information about why our stomachs may hurt when jogging.

Diaphragm Cramps

One common reason for stomach pain while jogging is diaphragm cramps, also known as side stitches. These cramps are caused by the diaphragm muscle becoming fatigued and irritated due to rapid and shallow breathing during exercise. To prevent these cramps, it’s important to focus on deep and rhythmic breathing. I found that taking slow, deep breaths can help prevent diaphragm cramps and reduce the discomfort in my stomach.

Improper Nutrition

Another reason for stomach pain while jogging could be improper nutrition. Eating a large meal right before jogging can lead to stomach discomfort due to the body’s focus on digestion while also engaging in physical activity. It’s important to allow at least 1-2 hours for digestion before going for a run. Additionally, staying hydrated and avoiding foods high in fat and fiber before a run can help prevent stomach pain.


Dehydration can also contribute to stomach pain while jogging. When our bodies are dehydrated, the stomach can experience cramps and discomfort. I found that staying properly hydrated throughout the day and especially before a run helped reduce stomach pain. It’s important to drink water before, during, and after jogging to prevent dehydration-related stomach issues.


After experiencing stomach pain while jogging and learning about the various factors that can contribute to it, I’ve made some adjustments to my routine. Focusing on my breathing, being mindful of my nutrition, and staying hydrated have all helped reduce the discomfort in my stomach while running. I’ve also found that gradually building up my endurance and fitness level has made a positive impact on reducing stomach pain during exercise. By understanding the potential causes of stomach pain while jogging and making these adjustments, I’ve been able to enjoy my runs with minimal discomfort. I hope these insights can help others who may be experiencing similar issues.