Who Was Killed Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is a prestigious event that brings together runners from all around the world to test their limits and achieve their personal bests. However, amidst the excitement and celebration, a tragic incident occurred that forever changed the lives of many. On April 15, 2013, during the 117th Boston Marathon, two explosions near the finish line claimed the lives of three innocent people and injured hundreds more.

As someone who has been an avid runner for many years, hearing about the tragedy that unfolded at the Boston Marathon struck a deep chord within me. The running community is a tight-knit group that supports and encourages each other, and to see such a senseless act of violence occur in a place that represents unity and determination is truly heartbreaking.

The three individuals who lost their lives that day were: Martin Richard, an 8-year-old boy from Dorchester who was there to cheer on his father; Krystle Campbell, a 29-year-old woman from Medford who was there to support her friend; and Lingzi Lu, a 23-year-old graduate student from China who was studying at Boston University. These innocent lives were taken away far too soon, leaving a void in the hearts of their loved ones and the entire running community.

The Impact on the Running Community

The Boston Marathon has long been a symbol of resilience and determination. It is a race that represents the triumph of the human spirit and the power of pushing oneself to the limit. The tragedy that occurred during the 2013 Boston Marathon shook the running community to its core. Runners from around the world felt a deep sense of loss and solidarity as they mourned the lives that were taken.

But amidst the sadness and grief, there was also an overwhelming sense of unity and strength. Runners, both experienced and amateur, came together to show their support for those affected by the tragedy. Memorials were held, charity runs were organized, and a renewed sense of determination to honor the lives lost was ignited within the running community.

Remembering the Victims

Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the Boston Marathon bombing, was remembered as a vibrant and energetic boy who loved sports, particularly baseball. He was known for his infectious smile and kind heart. Krystle Campbell, a vivacious and outgoing young woman, was remembered for her love of travel and her unwavering loyalty to her friends. Lingzi Lu, a talented student with a passion for music, was remembered as someone who brought joy to everyone around her.

The legacy of these three individuals lives on through the Martin Richard Foundation, the Krystle Campbell Scholarship Fund, and the Lingzi Foundation. These organizations were formed in their memory and continue to support causes related to education, athletics, and community building.


The Boston Marathon bombing was a senseless act of violence that forever changed the lives of many. The loss of Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, and Lingzi Lu serves as a constant reminder of the preciousness of life and the resilience of the human spirit. While we cannot erase the pain and sorrow caused by this tragedy, we can honor their memory by coming together as a community and continuing to celebrate the power of running and the indomitable spirit that drives us forward.