Which Brooks Running Shoe Has The Most Cushion

When it comes to choosing the perfect running shoe, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important aspects is the level of cushioning provided by the shoe. As a passionate runner myself, I understand the significance of a well-cushioned shoe in terms of comfort and injury prevention. In this article, I will delve deep into the world of Brooks running shoes to determine which model offers the most cushioning.

Brooks is a renowned brand in the running community, known for their high-quality and performance-driven shoes. They have a wide range of models that cater to different running needs and preferences. To identify the Brooks running shoe with the most cushioning, we need to explore their lineup and compare the features of each shoe.

The Contenders:

1. Brooks Glycerin 19

2. Brooks Ghost 14

3. Brooks Beast 20

The Brooks Glycerin 19:

The Brooks Glycerin 19 is a popular choice among runners who prioritize cushioning. This shoe features Brooks’ DNA Loft technology, which provides a plush and comfortable feel. The midsole is made from a blend of rubber and foam, offering exceptional cushioning and absorbing impact during each stride.

The Brooks Ghost 14:

The Brooks Ghost 14 is another option that offers excellent cushioning. It incorporates Brooks’ DNA Loft technology in the heel, providing a soft and responsive feel. The shoe also features BioMoGo DNA foam in the midsole, which adapts to the runner’s stride and offers optimal cushioning throughout the run.

The Brooks Beast 20:

For runners looking for maximum cushioning and support, the Brooks Beast 20 is a top contender. This shoe is specifically designed for runners with overpronation, providing stability along with ample cushioning. It features Brooks’ Super DNA technology, which offers enhanced cushioning and energy return, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.

Comparing Cushioning Levels:

To determine which Brooks running shoe has the most cushioning, we need to compare the specifications and technologies used in each model:

  • The Brooks Glycerin 19 utilizes DNA Loft technology, providing a plush and comfortable feel.
  • The Brooks Ghost 14 incorporates DNA Loft technology in the heel and BioMoGo DNA foam in the midsole.
  • The Brooks Beast 20 features Super DNA technology, offering maximum cushioning and support.

Based on these specifications, it is evident that the Brooks Beast 20 offers the highest level of cushioning among the three contenders. The Super DNA technology sets it apart and makes it an ideal choice for runners seeking maximum comfort and support.


Choosing the right running shoe with ample cushioning is essential for a comfortable and injury-free running experience. After thorough analysis, it is clear that the Brooks Beast 20 stands out as the running shoe with the most cushioning in the Brooks lineup. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the level of cushioning required may vary depending on individual preferences and running style.

Remember to always try on different models and consider factors such as arch support, pronation control, and overall fit when making your final decision. Happy running!