Where Are Brooks Running Shoes Made

Brooks running shoes have always held a special place in my heart. As a long-time runner, I have relied on their high-quality and comfortable shoes to support me through countless miles. But have you ever wondered where these exceptional shoes are made? Join me as we uncover the origins of Brooks running shoes and explore the manufacturing process behind them.

The Birth of Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks Sports Inc., commonly known as Brooks, is an American company that specializes in running shoes and apparel. Established in 1914, Brooks has a long-standing history in the running industry and has become a household name among runners worldwide.

Initially, all Brooks running shoes were manufactured in the United States. The company prided itself on producing high-quality shoes that were meticulously crafted to meet the needs of runners. However, as the demand for their shoes increased, Brooks expanded their manufacturing operations to reach a larger market.

Global Manufacturing

Today, Brooks running shoes are no longer exclusively made in the United States. The company has embraced globalization and established manufacturing facilities in various countries around the world. By strategically locating their production facilities, Brooks aims to meet the growing demand for their shoes while maintaining their commitment to quality.

One of the countries where Brooks has set up a manufacturing facility is China. With its vast population and skilled workforce, China provides an ideal environment for mass production. The company ensures that their Chinese factories follow strict quality control measures to uphold the brand’s standards.

In addition to China, Brooks also manufactures their shoes in Vietnam. Vietnam has emerged as a global hub for the footwear industry, and many renowned shoe brands, including Brooks, have established production facilities in the country. The skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail displayed by Vietnamese workers contribute to the overall quality of Brooks running shoes.

Ethical Considerations

As an environmentally conscious consumer, I often wonder about the ethical implications of the manufacturing process behind the products I purchase. Brooks understands the importance of ethical and sustainable practices and strives to make a positive impact.

The company prioritizes ethical manufacturing practices and ensures that their factories adhere to fair labor standards. They work closely with their manufacturing partners to create safe and healthy working environments for employees. Additionally, Brooks has implemented sustainability initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint, including the use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient production processes.


So, the next time you slip on a pair of Brooks running shoes, remember that they have traversed the globe before reaching your feet. From their humble beginnings in the United States to their current global manufacturing presence, Brooks has consistently upheld their commitment to producing high-quality running shoes.

Whether they are made in the United States, China, Vietnam, or any other country, you can trust that Brooks running shoes are a result of careful craftsmanship and a devotion to creating the best footwear for runners like us. So go ahead, lace up your Brooks and hit the road with confidence!