When Did Marathon Change Its Name To Snickers

Marathon, the iconic chocolate bar loved by many, has a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. The candy bar was first introduced by the Mars, Incorporated company in 1930. For decades, it was known as “Marathon” and gained immense popularity among candy enthusiasts around the world.

However, in the year 1990, Mars, Incorporated made a significant decision that left many candy lovers puzzled and curious. They decided to change the name of the beloved Marathon chocolate bar to Snickers. This move sparked a wave of discussions and debates among fans of the candy, as well as those who were simply interested in the branding strategies of major companies.

The decision to rebrand Marathon as Snickers was part of Mars, Incorporated’s broader plan to unify the name of the candy bar across different countries. In the United States, the chocolate bar had always been known as Snickers, while in the United Kingdom and various other countries, it was marketed as Marathon. By changing the name globally to Snickers, Mars, Incorporated aimed to create a consistent brand identity worldwide.

The change in name was met with mixed reactions from consumers. While some embraced the new name and saw it as a positive step towards global standardization, others felt nostalgic for the Marathon name and were disappointed to see it disappear from the shelves. Many people had grown up with the name Marathon, associating it with fond memories and a sense of tradition.

Personally, as a fan of Marathon (or should I say, Snickers), I have mixed feelings about the name change. On one hand, I understand the business rationale behind it. Creating a consistent brand name across different countries can simplify marketing efforts and help companies reach a wider audience. On the other hand, there is something special about the name Marathon. It has a unique charm and evokes memories of childhood for many.

It’s important to remember that brands evolve and change over time. In the case of Marathon becoming Snickers, the essence and taste of the chocolate bar remained the same. The rebranding was primarily a marketing decision aimed at creating a unified global identity. Despite the change in name, Snickers continues to be a beloved treat enjoyed by millions worldwide.

In conclusion, the year 1990 marked a significant milestone in the history of the Marathon chocolate bar, as it underwent a name change and became Snickers. While the decision generated mixed reactions among consumers, it was driven by Mars, Incorporated’s goal of creating a consistent brand identity globally. Whether we call it Marathon or Snickers, one thing is certain – it’s a tasty treat that will continue to satisfy chocolate lovers for years to come.