What Time Do The Tubes Start Running In London

As a frequent visitor to London, I know how important it is to have a good understanding of the public transportation system, especially the iconic London Underground, affectionately known as the “Tube”. One of the most common questions from visitors and locals alike is: “What time do the tubes start running in London?” Let’s dive into the details of this essential information.

The London Underground Schedule

The London Underground is a lifeline for residents and tourists, providing transportation across the city at almost all hours of the day and night. The official opening hours vary slightly depending on the line and station, but as a general rule, trains usually start running around 5:00 AM and continue until just after midnight.

Weekday Schedule

On weekdays, the Tube typically starts operating around 5:00 AM, allowing commuters to catch early trains to work. This early start time ensures that Londoners can rely on the Underground for their daily commute, no matter the time of day.

Weekend Schedule

During weekends, the Tube schedule may vary, with some lines starting slightly later in the morning. However, even during the weekends, the London Underground ensures that there are early morning services to accommodate early risers and travelers heading to the airport or train stations.

Planning Your Journey

When planning your journey using the London Underground, it’s important to keep the opening hours in mind. If you have an early morning flight to catch or need to get to work before dawn, rest assured that the Tube has you covered. Additionally, for those staying out late in the city, it’s helpful to know the last train times to avoid being caught out without a ride home.

Public Holidays and Engineering Works

It’s worth noting that during public holidays and for occasional engineering works, the Tube schedule may be subject to changes. It’s always a good idea to check the official Transport for London (TfL) website or use their journey planner to get the most up-to-date information for your specific travel dates.


Understanding the opening hours of the London Underground is essential for anyone navigating the vibrant city of London. With its convenient schedule, the Tube ensures that whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can rely on this iconic mode of transportation to get you where you need to go.