What Are The Best Running Shorts To Prevent Chafing

When it comes to running, nothing ruins the experience quite like chafing. It can turn a pleasant workout into a painful ordeal, leaving you with irritated skin and a serious case of discomfort. That’s why finding the best running shorts to prevent chafing is essential for any serious runner.

Now, the key to preventing chafing lies in the design and material of the shorts. You want a pair that fits well, stays in place, and minimizes friction against your skin. After trying out numerous running shorts over the years, I’ve discovered a few tried-and-true favorites that I swear by.

1. Nike Dri-FIT Shorts

Let’s start with a classic: Nike Dri-FIT shorts. These shorts are made with moisture-wicking fabric that helps to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your run. They also have a snug fit that stays in place, reducing the risk of chafing. Plus, they come in a variety of lengths, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences.

What I love most about Nike Dri-FIT shorts is their durability. They can withstand countless washes and still maintain their shape and functionality. Whether you’re running a 5k or a marathon, these shorts are a reliable choice.

2. Under Armour HeatGear Compression Shorts

If you’re looking for extra support and compression, Under Armour HeatGear Compression shorts are a fantastic option. These shorts are designed to fit like a second skin, providing a snug and supportive fit that minimizes movement and friction.

The moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep you dry, while the anti-odor technology keeps you smelling fresh even during your toughest workouts. These shorts are great for longer runs or intense training sessions where you need that extra level of comfort and support.

3. Lululemon Pace Breaker Shorts

Lululemon is known for their high-quality athletic wear, and their Pace Breaker shorts are no exception. These shorts are made with sweat-wicking fabric and feature a liner that helps to prevent chafing and provide added support.

One standout feature of the Lululemon Pace Breaker shorts is the four-way stretch fabric that allows for a full range of motion. Whether you’re sprinting or doing yoga poses, these shorts move with you, reducing the risk of friction and chafing. They also have multiple pockets, perfect for storing your keys or energy gels.

4. Salomon Agile Shorts

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys trail running, the Salomon Agile shorts are a game-changer. These shorts are designed with quick-drying fabric and feature a seamless inner brief that prevents chafing.

The lightweight and breathable material of the Salomon Agile shorts ensures that you stay comfortable even during long runs in hot weather. They also have a convenient zippered pocket on the back, allowing you to securely store your essentials without any bouncing or discomfort.


When it comes to preventing chafing during your runs, investing in the right pair of running shorts is crucial. The Nike Dri-FIT shorts, Under Armour HeatGear Compression shorts, Lululemon Pace Breaker shorts, and Salomon Agile shorts are all excellent options that prioritize comfort, support, and moisture-wicking properties to keep you chafe-free.

Remember, finding the best running shorts for you may involve some trial and error. Every runner is different, and what works for someone else might not work for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect pair that will make your runs more enjoyable and chafe-free!