What Are Good Podcasts To Listen To While Running

When it comes to running, finding the perfect playlist or podcast can make all the difference in your motivation and endurance. As a seasoned runner, I’ve spent countless hours searching for the best podcasts to listen to while hitting the pavement or trails. In this article, I’ll share my personal recommendations for podcasts that will keep you entertained, informed, and inspired during your runs.

1. “The Rich Roll Podcast”

If you’re looking for a podcast that combines running with inspiring stories of personal transformation, “The Rich Roll Podcast” is a must-listen. Hosted by endurance athlete Rich Roll, this show features interviews with a diverse range of guests, including athletes, authors, and thought leaders. Roll dives deep into topics such as nutrition, mindfulness, and peak performance, making this podcast the perfect companion for long training runs.

2. “The Morning Shakeout”

Created by elite runner Mario Fraioli, “The Morning Shakeout” is a podcast that offers insights into the world of distance running. Fraioli tackles topics such as training, racing, and mental toughness, while also interviewing top athletes and coaches in the running community. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, this podcast provides valuable advice and motivation to help you reach your running goals.

3. “Ali on the Run Show”

If you’re a fan of in-depth interviews and personal stories, “Ali on the Run Show” is a podcast worth adding to your running playlist. Hosted by Ali Feller, a writer, runner, and podcaster, this show features conversations with runners from all levels and backgrounds. Feller dives into topics such as body image, mental health, and the ups and downs of the running journey, making this podcast relatable and inspiring.

4. “Marathon Training Academy”

For those who are training for a marathon or aspire to run one, “Marathon Training Academy” is a podcast that offers practical tips and guidance. Hosted by Angie and Trevor, a husband-wife duo and experienced marathoners, this show covers a wide range of topics related to marathon training, nutrition, injury prevention, and race strategies. Their expertise and enthusiasm will keep you motivated and well-informed as you prepare for your next big race.

5. “The Science of Ultra”

If you’re a trail runner or interested in the science behind ultra-endurance events, “The Science of Ultra” is a podcast that delves into the biomechanics, nutrition, and training methods behind long-distance running. Hosted by Dr. Shawn Bearden, a sports scientist and ultra-runner, this show features interviews with leading experts in the field, providing valuable insights and evidence-based strategies for improving your performance.

In conclusion, finding the right podcast to listen to while running can enhance your experience and keep you motivated on those long miles. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, training tips, or simply want to be entertained, these podcasts offer a diverse range of topics and perspectives to keep your mind engaged and your feet moving. So lace up your shoes, plug in your earbuds, and hit the road with these fantastic podcasts!