What Age For Jogging Stroller

When I first started jogging, I was eager to bring my baby along with me. But I was unsure about what age was appropriate for using a jogging stroller. After doing some research and consulting with other parents, I found that there are a few factors to consider when deciding when to introduce your little one to the world of jogging strollers.

Physical Development

One of the most important factors to consider is your child’s physical development. It’s crucial that your baby is able to sit up unassisted and have good head control before using a jogging stroller. This is typically around six months of age, but it can vary from baby to baby.

I remember eagerly waiting for my baby to reach this milestone. Once he was able to sit up on his own, I felt more confident in taking him out for a jog. It was exciting to see him safely seated in the stroller, ready to join me on my runs.

Sturdy Construction

Another key aspect to consider is the stroller’s construction. Jogging strollers are specifically designed to handle the challenges of running, with features such as larger wheels, suspension systems, and a sturdy frame. These features ensure a smooth and stable ride for your child, even on rough terrain.

When I was searching for a jogging stroller, I made sure to look for models that had a solid build and high-quality materials. I wanted to ensure that my baby would be safe and comfortable during our runs. It’s essential to choose a reliable brand and thoroughly inspect the stroller’s construction before making a purchase.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to our little ones. Jogging strollers come with a range of safety features designed to protect your child while you run. These features may include a five-point harness, handbrake, and a wrist strap for added security.

I made sure to invest in a jogging stroller that had all of these safety features. The five-point harness kept my baby securely in place, while the handbrake allowed me to maintain control of the stroller even on downhill slopes. The wrist strap was an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the stroller wouldn’t roll away from me.

Consult with your Pediatrician

While the general consensus is that it is safe to start using a jogging stroller around six months of age, it’s essential to consult with your pediatrician before taking your baby on a run. Every child is different, and your pediatrician can provide personalized advice based on your baby’s individual needs and development.

I remember discussing my plans to start jogging with my pediatrician during my baby’s six-month check-up. She reassured me that as long as my little one had reached the necessary physical development milestones and was in good health, it was safe to use a jogging stroller.


Deciding when to introduce your baby to a jogging stroller is a personal decision that should take into account your child’s physical development, the stroller’s construction and safety features, and the advice of your pediatrician. Once you feel confident that your baby is ready, you can enjoy the benefits of exercising together while exploring the outdoors. Just be sure to start slowly and gradually increase the duration and intensity of your runs. Happy jogging!