Is Three Mile Island Still Running

Three Mile Island, a nuclear power plant located in Pennsylvania, has been a subject of interest and concern for many years. As an avid runner and a curious individual, I decided to dig deep and find out the current status of the infamous Three Mile Island. Join me on this journey as we explore whether the plant is still running or if it has been decommissioned.

The Incident at Three Mile Island

Before we delve into the present state of the plant, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the incident that put Three Mile Island on the map. On March 28, 1979, an equipment malfunction led to a partial meltdown of Reactor 2 at the plant. This incident, known as the Three Mile Island accident, was a wake-up call for the nuclear industry and raised significant concerns about the safety of nuclear power.

The accident resulted in the release of a small amount of radioactive gases into the atmosphere, but thankfully, no injuries or deaths were reported. Nevertheless, it left a lasting impact on the surrounding community and ignited debates about the future of nuclear energy.

Recovery and Continued Operation

Following the accident, the damaged Reactor 2 was permanently shut down and has since been decontaminated and placed into a long-term storage mode. However, Reactor 1, which was not affected by the incident, continued to operate.

Despite the lingering stigma from the accident, Reactor 1 at Three Mile Island remained in operation until September 30, 2019. After struggling financially in the face of low natural gas prices and competition from renewable energy sources, the owner of the plant, Exelon Corporation, made the decision to prematurely shut it down.

Decommissioning Process

With the closure of Reactor 1, the focus shifted to the decommissioning process of Three Mile Island. Decommissioning a nuclear power plant is a complex and lengthy procedure that involves removing and safely disposing of radioactive materials, decontaminating the site, and restoring it to its original state.

Exelon Corporation has initiated the decommissioning process for Three Mile Island, which is expected to take several decades to complete. The initial steps involve removing spent fuel from the reactor and transferring it to onsite dry cask storage facilities. This ensures the safe containment and long-term management of the radioactive materials.

Following the fuel removal, the remaining structures and systems will be dismantled, and the site will undergo thorough decontamination. The goal is to eliminate any remaining radioactive contamination and restore the area to a state suitable for reuse or redevelopment.


Although Three Mile Island is no longer actively running as a nuclear power plant, its legacy and impact remain significant. The incident served as a catalyst for improvements in nuclear safety regulations and raised public awareness about the potential risks associated with nuclear energy.

The decommissioning process for Three Mile Island is currently underway, ensuring the safe handling and management of radioactive materials. While the plant may no longer be operational, it serves as a reminder of the importance of continuous vigilance and strict safety measures in the nuclear industry.

As a runner, I can’t help but reflect on the resilience and adaptability demonstrated by Three Mile Island. Just as we push through physical and mental barriers during our runs, Three Mile Island has overcome challenges and is now on a path towards safe decommissioning and a brighter future.