Is The Cp Holiday Train Running In 2022

As a big fan of holiday festivities and trains, I often look forward to the annual CP Holiday Train. The CP Holiday Train is a beautiful holiday tradition where a festive train travels across Canada and the United States, spreading cheer and raising awareness for local food banks. However, in 2020 and 2021, the train was not able to run in its traditional form due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This left many fans, including myself, wondering if the CP Holiday Train will be running in 2022.

Checking the Official Sources

To find out if the CP Holiday Train will be running in 2022, I headed straight to the official website of the CP Holiday Train ( There, I found the latest updates and announcements regarding the train’s schedule and plans for this year. The website also provides information on the mission of the CP Holiday Train and its impact on local communities.

Exciting News for 2022

After eagerly browsing through the website and reading the latest news, I am thrilled to share that the CP Holiday Train is indeed set to return in 2022! According to the official announcement, the train will be back on track, spreading holiday joy and supporting local food banks.

Reimagined Experience

Given the ongoing concerns related to the pandemic, the organizers of the CP Holiday Train have reimagined the experience to ensure the safety of all attendees. This may involve adjustments to the usual format, such as implementing social distancing measures and recommending health guidelines for those attending the events.

Upcoming Schedule

For those who, like me, can’t wait to experience the magic of the CP Holiday Train, the website provides a detailed schedule of the train’s upcoming stops. I was delighted to see that the train will be making multiple stops in various cities and towns, and I have already marked my calendar for the nearest stop to my location.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

One of the aspects that I find most heartwarming about the CP Holiday Train is its dedication to supporting local food banks. Each stop along the train’s route includes a live musical performance, and attendees are encouraged to bring donations for the local food bank. It’s incredible to see how a festive event like this can make a meaningful impact on communities in need.


As someone who looks forward to the holiday season and the joy it brings, I am beyond excited to know that the CP Holiday Train will be running in 2022. The combination of festive decorations, live music, and the opportunity to contribute to a good cause makes the CP Holiday Train a truly special and worthwhile experience. I can’t wait to join in the celebrations and contribute to the mission of spreading holiday cheer and supporting local communities.