Is Strava Good For Running

When it comes to tracking and analyzing my running activities, I’ve tried various apps and fitness trackers. But one that stands out from the rest is Strava. As a passionate runner, Strava has become an essential tool for me to improve my performance, connect with other runners, and find new running routes. In this article, I’ll dive deep into why Strava is good for running and how it has transformed my running experience.

Accurate GPS Tracking and Metrics

One of the features that sets Strava apart from other tracking apps is its accurate GPS tracking. Whether I’m running in a city or on a trail, Strava reliably records my route and distance. This accuracy is crucial for analyzing my runs and comparing my performance over time.

Moreover, Strava provides a wide range of metrics that go beyond simple distance and pace. It tracks elevation gain, heart rate, cadence, and more. This wealth of data allows me to gain deeper insights into my performance and identify areas for improvement.

Engaging and Supportive Running Community

Being a part of the Strava community has been a game-changer for me. The app allows me to follow and connect with fellow runners, friends, and even professional athletes. It’s inspiring to see other runners’ achievements and be able to give them kudos and comments for their efforts.

Strava also encourages healthy competition with its segment feature. Segments are specific sections of a route where you can challenge yourself and compare your performance to others. This friendly competition pushes me to run harder and faster, ultimately helping me improve my running abilities.

Exploring New Routes and Adventure

One of the things I love most about running is discovering new routes and exploring different areas. Strava’s heat map feature has revolutionized my ability to find new and exciting routes. The heat map shows popular running routes based on data from Strava’s vast community of runners. I can easily discover hidden trails and local favorites wherever I go, ensuring that every run is an adventure.

Additionally, Strava’s route creator tool allows me to plan my own routes and share them with friends. This feature has been particularly helpful when I want to organize group runs or participate in virtual races. It adds an element of creativity and customization to my running experience.


For me, Strava has proven to be an invaluable companion in my running journey. Its accurate tracking, comprehensive metrics, engaging community, and route exploration features have made it an indispensable tool for improving my running performance and finding fulfillment in each run. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, I highly recommend giving Strava a try and experiencing the many benefits it has to offer.