Is Nj Transit Trains Running

As a runner and a transportation enthusiast, I understand the importance of reliable public transportation, especially when it comes to commuting to work or getting to events on time. One of the major transportation systems that I rely on here in New Jersey is NJ Transit. However, there are times when unexpected issues can disrupt the train schedule, leaving many commuters wondering, “Is NJ Transit trains running?”. In this article, I will dive deep into the current status of NJ Transit trains and provide you with the most up-to-date information.

The Current Status of NJ Transit Trains

As of the time of writing this article, NJ Transit trains are indeed running. However, it’s important to note that there may be delays and service disruptions due to various factors such as inclement weather, mechanical issues, or unforeseen circumstances. To get the most accurate and real-time information, I highly recommend checking the official NJ Transit website or their social media channels for updates.

When it comes to train schedules, NJ Transit generally operates on a set timetable. This means that you can expect trains to run at specific times throughout the day, making it easier for commuters to plan their journeys. However, it’s important to remember that delays or cancellations can occur, especially during peak travel times or during periods of severe weather.

Staying Updated with NJ Transit

To ensure that you are always aware of any changes or disruptions to NJ Transit train service, there are several resources you can utilize:

  1. NJ Transit Website: The official NJ Transit website provides real-time updates on train schedules, delays, and service alerts. You can access this information by visiting
  2. Social Media: NJ Transit actively uses social media platforms such as Twitter to communicate with commuters. Following their official Twitter account can help you stay informed about any changes or issues affecting train service.
  3. Mobile Apps: NJ Transit offers a mobile app that provides real-time train status updates, schedules, and trip planning resources. This is a convenient tool to have on your smartphone for on-the-go information.

By utilizing these resources, you can stay informed and adjust your travel plans accordingly, minimizing any inconveniences that may arise from unexpected disruptions.


Whether you’re a daily commuter or a sporadic traveler, staying updated on the status of NJ Transit trains is crucial for a smooth and stress-free journey. While there may be occasional delays or cancellations, it’s comforting to know that NJ Transit works diligently to provide reliable transportation services to the residents of New Jersey. By utilizing the official NJ Transit website, social media channels, and mobile apps, you can stay informed and plan your trips accordingly. So the next time you find yourself wondering, “Is NJ Transit trains running?”, remember to check the official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.