How To Get To Nyc Marathon Start

As a seasoned runner and a NYC Marathon enthusiast, I can confidently say that getting to the start line of the NYC Marathon is an adventure in itself. With over 50,000 runners participating in this iconic race, it’s essential to plan your journey to the start line carefully to ensure a stress-free and successful race day.

Plan Your Route

Before race day, take the time to study the official NYC Marathon website. They provide detailed information on transportation options and recommended routes to reach the start line. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these options so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

If you’re staying near the start line, consider walking or taking a short taxi ride to the starting area. This allows you to avoid any potential traffic congestion or delays caused by public transportation.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is a convenient and popular option for getting to the NYC Marathon start line. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) provides additional services on race day to accommodate the influx of runners and spectators.

The most common mode of transportation is the subway. The NYC Marathon website provides subway route recommendations based on your starting location. Be sure to check for any scheduled service changes or delays on race day.

Another option is the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry is free, operates 24/7, and provides a scenic view of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline. However, keep in mind that the ferry can get crowded, so plan to arrive early to secure a spot.

Chartered Buses

For runners who prefer a more organized and hassle-free option, chartered buses are available. These buses are provided by the NYC Marathon organizers and depart from designated locations in Manhattan. They offer a convenient way to reach the start line without the worry of navigating public transportation or dealing with traffic.

However, it’s important to book your bus ticket in advance, as they tend to sell out quickly. Check the official NYC Marathon website for more information on bus availability and pick-up locations.

Personal Vehicles

If you prefer to drive to the start line, it’s essential to plan ahead and familiarize yourself with the parking options. Parking near the start line can be challenging, so arrive early to secure a spot. Some runners opt to park in Manhattan and take public transportation to the start line to avoid parking difficulties.

Additionally, be aware of road closures and traffic restrictions on race day. The NYC Marathon website provides detailed information on road closures and parking restrictions to help you navigate the city smoothly.


Getting to the NYC Marathon start line requires careful planning and consideration of various transportation options. Whether you decide to take public transportation, book a chartered bus, or drive your own vehicle, it’s important to plan ahead, familiarize yourself with the routes, and arrive early to ensure a stress-free race day experience.

Remember, the journey to the start line is just the beginning of an incredible and unforgettable experience. Soak in the excitement, embrace the energy of the city, and enjoy every step of the NYC Marathon!