How To Get Past Mental Block When Running

Running can be a great form of exercise and a way to challenge yourself physically and mentally. But sometimes, when you lace up your shoes and hit the pavement, you may find yourself facing a mental block. It’s that voice in your head that tells you to stop, that you can’t do it, or that it’s too hard. This can be frustrating and can hinder your progress as a runner. As someone who has experienced mental blocks while running, I understand how it can feel discouraging. However, I’ve learned a few strategies that have helped me overcome these mental barriers and push through to achieve my goals.

1. Set realistic goals

One of the first steps in overcoming a mental block is to set realistic goals for yourself. If you’re just starting out, don’t expect to run a marathon right away. Start with smaller goals, such as running for a certain amount of time or distance, and gradually increase as you improve. By setting achievable goals, you can build confidence and motivate yourself to keep going.

2. Break it down

Breaking down your run into smaller, more manageable segments can make it feel less overwhelming. Instead of focusing on the entire distance or time, focus on running to the next lamppost or completing the next mile. By taking it one step at a time, you can gradually build your endurance and overcome any mental barriers that may arise.

3. Find a mantra

A mantra is a short, positive phrase or word that you can repeat to yourself during your run. It can be something as simple as “I am strong” or “I can do this.” By repeating a mantra, you can shift your focus from negative thoughts to positive affirmations, which can help boost your confidence and motivation.

4. Visualize success

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you overcome mental blocks. Before your run, take a moment to visualize yourself successfully completing your run. Imagine how you will feel, the sense of accomplishment, and the satisfaction of achieving your goal. By visualizing success, you can create a positive mental image that can help you overcome any doubts or fears.

5. Surround yourself with support

Having a support system can make a world of difference when it comes to overcoming mental blocks. Whether it’s joining a running group, finding a running buddy, or seeking the guidance of a coach, surrounding yourself with supportive individuals can provide the encouragement and motivation you need to push past your mental barriers.

6. Embrace the struggle

It’s important to remember that running is not always easy. There will be days when you feel tired, unmotivated, or face mental blocks. Instead of seeing these challenges as setbacks, embrace them as opportunities for growth. Pushing through these struggles and overcoming mental blocks can make you a stronger runner both physically and mentally.


Overcoming mental blocks when running is not always easy, but with the right strategies and mindset, it is possible. By setting realistic goals, breaking down your run, finding a mantra, visualizing success, surrounding yourself with support, and embracing the struggle, you can push past your mental barriers and unlock your full potential as a runner. Remember, running is not just about physical endurance, but also mental resilience. So, the next time you face a mental block, remember to stay positive, stay focused, and keep pushing forward.