How To Cross 1st Ave Nyc Marathon

Running the 1st Ave NYC Marathon is a truly exhilarating experience. As a long-distance runner myself, I have had the privilege of participating in this iconic race multiple times, and each time, I have been blown away by the energy and excitement that fills the streets of New York City. In this article, I will share my personal tips and strategies on how to successfully cross the 1st Ave NYC Marathon finish line.

The Start Line

As the race begins, it’s crucial to pace yourself properly. The adrenaline rush can be overwhelming, but it’s important to resist the temptation to sprint ahead. Start off at a comfortable pace that you can maintain throughout the entire race. This will help you conserve energy for the challenging sections that lie ahead.

Navigating 1st Ave

Once you reach 1st Ave, you’ll be met with a surge of energy from the crowd lining the streets. Use this boost to your advantage, but remember to stay focused on your own race. The noise and excitement can be overwhelming, so it’s important to maintain your concentration and stick to your race plan.

One of the key challenges of running on 1st Ave is the constant change in road elevation. Be prepared for some inclines and declines along the way. Stay relaxed and maintain a steady pace, adjusting your effort level accordingly. This will help you conserve energy and prevent burnout.

Another important aspect to consider while running on 1st Ave is the crowd support. The cheers and encouragement from spectators can be incredibly motivating, so make sure to acknowledge their presence. High-five a few spectators, smile, and let their energy propel you forward.

Hydration and Fueling

With the marathon being a long-distance race, it’s crucial to stay properly hydrated and fueled throughout the course. Take advantage of the aid stations along 1st Ave to replenish your fluids. Grab a cup of water or sports drink, and remember to take small sips rather than gulping it all down in one go.

In addition to staying hydrated, fueling your body with carbohydrates is essential for maintaining energy levels. Carry energy gels or snacks with you and consume them strategically, based on your training and race plan. Remember to listen to your body and fuel up whenever you feel the need.

The Final Push

As you approach the final stretch of 1st Ave, the finish line will be within sight. This is where mental toughness and determination play a crucial role. Dig deep and find that extra burst of energy to push through any fatigue or discomfort. Remind yourself of all the hard work and training you’ve put in leading up to this moment.

Focus on your form, keeping your head up and shoulders relaxed. Visualize yourself crossing the finish line strong and with a sense of accomplishment. Let the cheers from the crowd carry you through those final meters.


Crossing the 1st Ave NYC Marathon is an incredible achievement and a testament to your dedication and hard work. By pacing yourself, staying focused, and maintaining proper hydration and fueling, you can conquer the challenges along the way and make it to the finish line with pride. So, lace up your running shoes, prepare yourself mentally and physically, and get ready to tackle the 1st Ave NYC Marathon with confidence!