How Much Do Boston Marathon Winners Get

Winning the Boston Marathon is a dream for many runners around the world. The historic race, which has been held annually since 1897, attracts elite athletes from all corners of the globe. As a running enthusiast myself, I have always been curious about the financial reward that comes with claiming victory in this prestigious event. Today, I will delve into the details and shed some light on just how much Boston Marathon winners get.

The Boston Marathon Prize Money

The prize money awarded to the winners of the Boston Marathon varies from year to year. The race organizers offer a substantial amount of prize money to the top finishers, reflecting the race’s status as one of the most prestigious marathons in the world.

In recent years, the total prize purse for the Boston Marathon has been around $830,000. The men’s and women’s champions each receive a significant portion of this prize money, with the rest being distributed among the top finishers in their respective categories.

For the overall winners, both male and female, the first-place finisher is awarded $150,000. This substantial cash prize is undoubtedly a significant motivation for elite runners to push themselves to the limit and strive for victory.

However, it’s important to note that the prize money does not end with the winners. The top 15 male and female finishers receive cash prizes, with decreasing amounts for each subsequent position.

Other Forms of Compensation

Aside from the prize money, Boston Marathon winners also receive additional perks and benefits. These may include appearance fees, sponsorship deals, and endorsements. These opportunities can provide winners with significant additional income, making their victory even more rewarding from a financial standpoint.

Furthermore, claiming victory in the Boston Marathon can also lead to increased exposure and recognition within the running community and beyond. This can open doors to speaking engagements, coaching opportunities, and other sources of income for the winners.

The Value Beyond Money

While the financial rewards are undoubtedly enticing, the value of winning the Boston Marathon extends far beyond the prize money. The title of Boston Marathon champion carries immense prestige and recognition within the running world.

For elite athletes, winning the Boston Marathon is a testament to years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. It represents the pinnacle of their athletic achievements and solidifies their place among the running greats.

Moreover, the emotional and personal significance of winning such a historic race cannot be understated. The Boston Marathon holds a special place in the hearts of runners, and emerging victorious in this iconic event brings a sense of fulfillment and pride that goes beyond monetary compensation.


In conclusion, the Boston Marathon offers substantial prize money to its winners, with the overall champions receiving $150,000 each. Beyond the financial rewards, claiming victory in this historic race brings additional opportunities for income and recognition in the running community. However, the true value of winning the Boston Marathon lies in the immense pride, sense of accomplishment, and lasting legacy that comes with this remarkable achievement. As a runner myself, I am inspired by the dedication and perseverance of these athletes, and I can only imagine the incredible feeling of crossing the finish line as a Boston Marathon champion.