Does Running In A Sauna Suit Help

As a running enthusiast, I’ve often heard of athletes and fitness enthusiasts using sauna suits to enhance their workouts. The idea behind running in a sauna suit is that it helps to increase sweat production, leading to greater calorie burn and potentially increased endurance. But does it really help, or is it just another fitness fad?

Understanding Sauna Suits

Sauna suits, also known as sweat suits or sweat jackets, are garments designed to promote profuse sweating during exercise. They are typically made of waterproof materials like PVC or vinyl, and they work by trapping heat against the body during physical activity, leading to increased perspiration.

Potential Benefits

Proponents of running in a sauna suit claim that it can lead to rapid weight loss through water weight reduction, as well as improved cardiovascular endurance as the body adapts to exercising in higher temperatures.

Potential Drawbacks

However, there are also cautions about the use of sauna suits. Overheating and dehydration are significant risks, and the weight loss achieved through excessive sweating is primarily water weight rather than fat loss.

The Verdict from Research

Research on the effectiveness of sauna suits for enhancing performance is limited and mixed. While some studies suggest that increased perspiration may provide short-term weight loss and potential cardiovascular benefits, the long-term impacts and safety concerns remain unclear.

Personal Experience

I decided to try running in a sauna suit to see if it would make a noticeable difference in my workouts. While I did experience increased sweating and a temporary feeling of burning more calories, I also felt exhausted much sooner than usual and found it difficult to maintain my regular pace. After a few attempts, I concluded that the potential risks outweighed any perceived benefits for me.

Consulting with a Professional

Before considering the use of a sauna suit, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare provider or a fitness professional. They can provide personalized guidance based on individual health, fitness goals, and potential risks.


While running in a sauna suit may initially seem like a shortcut to increased calorie burn and performance enhancement, the potential risks and lack of substantial evidence on long-term benefits should give any fitness enthusiast pause. As with any fitness trend, it’s essential to approach with caution and prioritize safety and sustainability over quick fixes.