Does Running Help Bowel Movements

As an avid runner, I have often pondered the connection between running and bowel movements. It is a topic that may not be commonly discussed, but it’s one that many runners are curious about. So, let’s delve into the question: Does running help bowel movements?

The Science Behind It

When it comes to the relationship between running and bowel movements, there is scientific evidence to support the idea that running can indeed help with digestion and bowel regularity. Physical activity such as running can stimulate the muscles in the colon, promoting movement and ultimately aiding in bowel movements. This is due to the increase in intestinal motility that occurs during exercise, helping to move waste through the digestive system more efficiently.

Personal Experience

From my own personal experience, I can attest to the positive impact that running has had on my digestive system. After a good run, I often feel a sense of relief and notice improved bowel movements. It’s as if the physical movement of running helps to kickstart my digestive system, leading to a more regular and comfortable experience.

Hydration and Diet

It’s important to note that while running can contribute to better bowel movements, other factors also play a crucial role. Hydration and diet are key components in maintaining healthy digestion. Staying properly hydrated and consuming a balanced diet rich in fiber can further support the positive effects of running on bowel movements.

Seeking Professional Advice

Although running can be beneficial for bowel movements, it’s essential to listen to your body and consult with a healthcare professional if you experience any persistent digestive issues. Every individual’s body reacts differently to exercise, so it’s important to prioritize personal well-being and seek professional advice when needed.


In conclusion, there is evidence to suggest that running can help with bowel movements by stimulating the colon and promoting intestinal motility. However, it’s important to maintain a balanced approach by prioritizing hydration, a healthy diet, and seeking professional guidance when necessary. As a runner, I have found that regular running has positively impacted my digestive system, but it’s crucial to recognize the individual nature of health and wellness. So, lace up those running shoes and enjoy the potential benefits for both your physical and digestive well-being.