Does Running Away From Problems Help

Running away from problems is a common response when things get difficult. I’ve often found myself contemplating whether avoiding a problem would make it go away or simply delay the inevitable. It’s a natural human instinct to want to flee from adversity, but does it really help in the long run?

The Immediate Relief

When facing a tough situation, running away might provide a temporary sense of relief. It can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, especially if the problem is causing stress or anxiety. I’ve experienced this feeling myself – the thought of escaping from the issue can bring a momentary sense of freedom.

Avoiding Resolution

However, the relief from running away is often short-lived. In my own experience, I’ve realized that by avoiding the problem, I was only delaying the inevitable. The longer I ignored it, the more it loomed over me, causing even more stress and anxiety.

Facing the Consequences

One of the biggest drawbacks of running away from problems is that it doesn’t make them disappear. Instead, it can lead to the accumulation of unresolved issues. This can ultimately make the situation more complicated and difficult to handle when it eventually catches up with you. I’ve learned that when you run away from a problem, you’re essentially deferring the consequences to a later, possibly more challenging, time.

Building Resilience

On the flip side, facing problems head-on can help in personal growth and resilience. Confronting challenges allows us to develop problem-solving skills and emotional strength. In my experience, tackling problems directly has been empowering, even if it felt daunting at first. It’s the process of overcoming difficulties that builds resilience and self-confidence.

Seeking Support

Running from problems can also lead to isolation. I’ve found that seeking support and guidance from friends, family, or professionals has often been instrumental in addressing issues effectively. By opening up and sharing my concerns, I’ve been able to gain valuable perspectives and advice that I wouldn’t have received if I had chosen to avoid the problem.


In the end, running away from problems might provide a temporary escape, but it rarely leads to long-term solutions. In my personal journey, I’ve come to understand that facing problems directly, seeking support, and finding constructive solutions have been more beneficial in the long run. It’s important to acknowledge that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed by problems, but ultimately, it’s how we choose to address and resolve them that shapes our growth and well-being.