Are Trains Running In France

As a frequent traveler in France, I understand the importance of reliable and efficient train services. Whether you’re a local commuter or an international traveler, knowing whether trains are running in France is crucial for planning your journey. In this article, I will delve into the current status of train services in France and provide some personal insights and commentary along the way.

The Impact of COVID-19

Like many countries around the world, France has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The government implemented various measures, including lockdowns and travel restrictions, to curb the spread of the virus. These measures had a direct impact on train services, with many routes being suspended or reduced in frequency.

During the height of the pandemic, train travel was limited to essential workers and those with valid reasons, such as medical appointments or family emergencies. This meant that leisure travel was essentially put on hold, affecting both locals and tourists alike.

Current Status of Train Services

As the situation evolves and restrictions are gradually lifted, train services in France have started to resume. However, it’s important to note that the frequency and availability of trains may vary depending on the region and the specific route.

To ensure the safety and well-being of passengers, the French National Railway Company, also known as SNCF, has implemented several health and safety measures. These include mandatory mask-wearing, increased sanitization of trains and stations, and social distancing guidelines.

If you are planning to travel by train in France, it is advisable to check the SNCF website or app for the latest updates on schedules and any potential disruptions. The website provides real-time information on train departures, arrivals, and any delays or cancellations.

Booking and Flexibility

Given the uncertain nature of the ongoing pandemic, it’s essential to consider booking options and flexibility when planning your train journey in France. SNCF offers flexible ticket options that allow changes or cancellations without additional fees.

It’s also worth noting that certain routes or services may be subject to restrictions or limited availability. For example, high-speed TGV trains may have reduced capacity to ensure social distancing, which could impact seat availability.


In conclusion, train services in France are gradually resuming as the country navigates through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While there may still be some disruptions or limitations, keeping track of the latest updates from SNCF and planning ahead with flexibility in mind can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

So, whether you’re exploring the charming streets of Paris, venturing into the picturesque French countryside, or embarking on an adventure to the beautiful coastal regions, rest assured that trains in France are slowly but surely getting back on track.