Are Oofos Good For Running

As a runner, I understand the importance of finding the right gear to support my performance and recovery. When it comes to running shoes, the choices can be overwhelming, with numerous brands and models claiming to provide the best comfort and support. In my quest for the perfect running gear, I came across Oofos, a brand known for its recovery footwear, and wondered if their shoes could also be suitable for running.

What are Oofos?

Oofos is a footwear company that specializes in creating shoes designed to aid in post-workout recovery. Their signature Oofoam technology is crafted to absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials, providing exceptional cushioning and support for tired feet and joints. Oofos shoes are also engineered to cradle the arches and encourage natural foot motion, which is crucial for recovery after intense physical activity.

Running in Oofos

While Oofos shoes are primarily marketed as recovery footwear, some runners have expressed positive experiences when using Oofos after their runs. The cushioning and arch support provided by Oofos are reported to alleviate post-run foot fatigue and discomfort. Additionally, the brand’s emphasis on promoting natural foot motion aligns with the principles of efficient running form.

Considerations for Running in Oofos

It’s essential to note that Oofos shoes are not designed as performance running shoes. They lack the structure and stability features typically found in traditional running shoes, which are crucial for optimal support and injury prevention during high-impact activities. As a result, running extended distances or at high speeds in Oofos may not provide the necessary support for serious athletes or those prone to foot-related issues.

My Experience

After incorporating Oofos into my post-run recovery routine, I noticed a significant reduction in foot soreness and stiffness. The cushioning provided by Oofos offered a comforting feel, especially after long and grueling runs. However, when it came to actual running, I found that Oofos did not offer the stability and structure I needed for intense workouts or races. For short, leisurely jogs, they were comfortable, but for performance running, I opted for my traditional running shoes.


In conclusion, Oofos shoes can be beneficial for post-run recovery and alleviating foot fatigue. Their cushioning and arch support make them a comfortable option for casual and light jogging. However, for serious running endeavors and high-impact activities, it’s essential to invest in proper running shoes designed specifically for performance and injury prevention. Incorporating Oofos into a comprehensive recovery routine alongside suitable running footwear may provide the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and performance.