Are Balenciaga’s Good For Running

As a passionate runner and sneaker enthusiast, I’ve often been asked if designer sneakers like Balenciaga’s are suitable for running. Let’s dive into the world of luxury sneakers and explore whether Balenciaga’s are a practical choice for pounding the pavement.

The Aesthetic Appeal

It’s undeniable that Balenciaga’s are highly sought after for their high-fashion appeal. The chunky, futuristic design and bold branding make them stand out as a fashion statement. The variety of colorways and materials further adds to their allure. However, when it comes to running, aesthetics take a back seat to functionality.

The Cushioning and Support

One of the most critical aspects of a running shoe is its cushioning and support. Balenciaga’s, while stylish, are primarily designed as fashion sneakers. They often lack the responsive cushioning and stability features needed for high-impact activities like running. The midsole and outsole are typically not optimized for the repetitive motion and impact of running, which is crucial for preventing injury and providing comfort during long runs.

The Weight and Breathability

Balenciaga’s are known for their chunky and heavy construction, which is great for making a fashion statement but not ideal for running performance. Lightweight and breathable materials are essential for running shoes to minimize fatigue and keep your feet cool during intense workouts. Balenciaga’s may not offer the breathability and lightweight design that running shoes prioritize.

The Durability

Running puts significant stress on shoes, especially the outsole and midsole. While Balenciaga’s are crafted with high-quality materials, they may not withstand the wear and tear of regular running. The traction patterns, rubber compounds, and overall construction are tailored for urban environments rather than the specific demands of running surfaces.


While Balenciaga’s undoubtedly hold a revered place in the world of fashion, it’s evident that they may not be the best choice for running. To truly enjoy the sport and support your athletic goals, investing in purpose-built running shoes from trusted athletic brands is crucial. However, there’s no denying that Balenciaga’s can still add a touch of flair to your athleisure ensemble for post-run activities or casual outings.