Are Air Max 97s Good For Running

I have always been a fan of Nike’s Air Max 97s for their stylish design and comfort. However, when it comes to using them for running, I have often wondered if they are really suitable for the job. After doing some research and trying them out for myself, here’s what I found:

The Design and Cushioning

The Air Max 97s are known for their sleek and futuristic design, but what sets them apart is the full-length Max Air cushioning. This provides a comfortable and responsive feel with every step, making them ideal for casual wear and light exercise.

Running-Specific Features

When it comes to running, there are specific features that shoes need to have to provide the right support. While the Air Max 97s excel in cushioning, they may not offer the same level of support and stability needed for serious running. The lack of a specialized running sole and the structure of the shoe’s upper may not provide the necessary support for long-distance or intense running sessions.

Personal Experience

I have worn my Air Max 97s for short jogs and casual runs, and while the cushioning feels great, I did notice that my feet and ankles were not as supported as they are in my running-specific shoes. The lack of stability became more evident during longer runs, which led me to reconsider using them as my primary running shoes.


Considering the design and cushioning of the Air Max 97s, I would recommend them for light running or as lifestyle sneakers. For serious running, especially for longer distances or competitive training, I would opt for shoes specifically designed for running to ensure the proper support and injury prevention.


In conclusion, while the Nike Air Max 97s are incredibly comfortable and stylish, they may not be the best choice for dedicated running. They are great for casual runs and everyday wear, but for serious runners, investing in a pair of shoes designed specifically for running would be the better choice.