A Start Job Is Running For Lsb

When I encountered the message “A start job is running for LSB” on my computer, I was initially puzzled and worried about what it meant. After delving into research and seeking help from tech forums, I gained a better understanding of this somewhat cryptic message.

Understanding the Message

The message “A start job is running for LSB” typically appears during the boot process of a Linux system. LSB stands for Linux Standard Base, which is a joint project by several Linux distributions to standardize the software system structure. When this message appears, it means that the system is taking longer than usual to start a particular process related to LSB.

Possible Reasons

There are several reasons why this start job might be running for LSB, and it’s important to take a closer look at the potential causes. It could be due to a misconfigured system service, an outdated or malfunctioning driver, or even a hardware issue. Identifying the root cause is crucial to resolving the issue effectively.

Troubleshooting Steps

Upon encountering this message, the first step is to patiently wait for the system to complete the start job. If it takes an unusually long time or if the message persists across multiple reboots, it’s important to take action.

One approach is to access the system logs to gather more specific information about the start job and any related errors or warnings. The journalctl command can be immensely helpful in this regard, providing detailed insights into the boot process.

Another troubleshooting step involves checking the status of the systemd services related to LSB using the systemctl command. This can help in identifying any service that might be causing the delay and potentially taking corrective action.

Seeking Support

If the troubleshooting steps don’t lead to a resolution, it’s beneficial to seek assistance from the Linux community or professional support channels. Online forums, such as Stack Exchange and Linux-specific communities, often provide valuable insights and solutions based on shared experiences.

For individuals who require more immediate or personalized assistance, reaching out to professional IT support services or the official support channels of the Linux distribution being used can lead to a quicker resolution.


Encountering the message “A start job is running for LSB” can be a cause for concern, but with a systematic approach to troubleshooting and seeking assistance from the community or professionals, it can be effectively addressed. By understanding the underlying reasons and taking proactive steps, I was able to resolve this issue and gain a deeper understanding of the Linux boot process.