What Is The Lightest Brooks Running Shoe

When it comes to running shoes, Brooks is a brand that many runners trust and rely on. Known for their quality and performance, Brooks offers a wide range of running shoes to suit different needs and preferences. In this article, I will take a deep dive into the world of Brooks running shoes and explore the lightest options available.

As a passionate runner myself, I understand the importance of finding a lightweight and comfortable shoe that doesn’t compromise on performance. So, let’s explore what makes Brooks running shoes stand out and which models are the lightest in their lineup.

The Brooks Running Shoe Technology

Brooks is known for its innovative shoe technologies that enhance the running experience. One notable technology used in many of their shoes is the BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning. This unique cushioning adapts to each runner’s stride, providing a personalized level of support and comfort.

Additionally, Brooks incorporates a GuideRails system in some of their shoes, which helps to keep the runner’s feet in a natural alignment, reducing excess movement and potential injury.

The Lightest Brooks Running Shoe

When it comes to lightness, one model that stands out from the Brooks lineup is the Brooks Hyperion Tempo. This shoe is designed for speed and performance, weighing in at an impressive 6.6 ounces for men and 5.6 ounces for women (US size 9). The Hyperion Tempo features a minimalist design without sacrificing cushioning and support.

Another lightweight option from Brooks is the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2. This shoe is specifically designed for elite runners and those looking for maximum speed. It weighs approximately 7.2 ounces for men and 6.1 ounces for women (US size 9) and boasts a carbon fiber plate that helps to propel the runner forward with each stride.

Both the Hyperion Tempo and Hyperion Elite 2 incorporate Brooks’ lightweight but responsive cushioning, making them ideal for runners seeking a lightweight shoe without compromising on comfort.

Personal Experience and Recommendation

Having personally tried the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, I can vouch for its lightweight design and excellent performance. The shoe felt incredibly responsive and provided ample cushioning, allowing me to maintain a fast pace without feeling weighed down.

However, it’s important to note that finding the perfect running shoe is highly individual, and what works well for one person may not work the same for another. It’s always advisable to visit a specialty running store and try on different models to find the one that suits your unique needs and preferences.


In conclusion, when it comes to lightness and performance, Brooks offers some excellent options that won’t disappoint. The Hyperion Tempo and Hyperion Elite 2 stand out as the lightest models in the Brooks lineup, providing runners with a lightweight and comfortable running experience.

Remember, finding the right running shoe is a personal journey, and it’s essential to consider factors such as your running style, foot shape, and overall comfort. So, lace up your shoes, hit the streets, and find the perfect lightweight Brooks running shoe that will help you achieve your running goals.