A Start Job Is Running For Vboxadd.service

As I was working on my virtual machine, I encountered the message “a start job is running for vboxadd.service”. This message might seem confusing at first, but it’s actually a common occurrence for users of VirtualBox, a powerful tool for running multiple operating systems on a single machine.

Understanding vboxadd.service

The vboxadd.service is a system service that is used to install Guest Additions on VirtualBox. Guest Additions are a set of drivers and system applications that optimize the performance of the guest operating system and provide additional features, such as seamless windows, shared folders, and accelerated 3D graphics.

When the system displays the message “a start job is running for vboxadd.service”, it means that the system is waiting for the vboxadd.service to start or complete before proceeding with other tasks.

Possible Causes

There are several reasons why this message might appear. One common reason is that the system is waiting for the vboxadd.service to initialize during the boot process. Another reason could be that an update or installation of Guest Additions is in progress.


If you encounter this message and it seems to be taking longer than expected, it’s important to troubleshoot the issue. One way to do this is to access the terminal and use the following command to view the status of the vboxadd.service:

systemctl status vboxadd.service

This command will provide detailed information about the status of the vboxadd.service, including any errors or issues that may be causing the delay.


Once you have identified the root cause of the delay, you can take steps to resolve the issue. This may involve restarting the vboxadd.service, updating VirtualBox to the latest version, or reinstalling Guest Additions. It’s important to follow the specific troubleshooting steps that are relevant to your system and environment.


Encountering the message “a start job is running for vboxadd.service” can be a moment of frustration, but with troubleshooting and understanding, it’s a manageable issue. By delving into the details of vboxadd.service and the potential causes of the delay, you can effectively address the issue and continue utilizing the powerful features of VirtualBox without interruption.